sku: 102270

Joeydrums are a compact Drum Kit that is perfect for those looking for a compact drum kit option or for kids. Coming in a variety of colours, the Joeydrums Poplar shells sound great, are easy to tune and have plenty of attach. Each kit also includes a Hi Hat Stand, Snare Drum Stand, Bass Drum Pedal, Stool, Cymbals and a set of Drumsticks. Everything you will need to get started!

Junior 5 Piece Kit
16" x 11" Bass Drum - 8 Lug
12" x 3.5" Snare Drum - 4 Lug
8" x 7" Tom, 10" x 7" Tom, 13" x 10" Floor Tom
Single Brace
Midnight Blue. Also available in White, Wine Red, Black and Silver.
Cymbals, Stool & Sticks